Washington Full-Day
Mt. Rainier View from Chinook Pass

Mt. Rainier Tour – Walk or Snowshoe

All-Inclusive | Small Group Tour | Tues, Sat, Sun* | 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. | $225.00 | Washington’s crown-jewel, Mt. Rainier, is encased in more than 35 square miles of snow and ice. Binoculars and cameras are a must on this day-long expedition amid this active volcano's surrounding old-growth forests, alpine meadows, lakes and waterfalls. Your guide will deepen the small-group experience with naturalist interpretation as you take in the sights and sounds along the drive, and while walking or snowshoeing in the park. Park entry fees, snowshoes in the winter, and seasonal lunch are included. * Departure dates change to Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Sun in the summer period (May 15 - Sep 30) Read more →

Olympic National Park Tour – Walk or Snowshoe

All-Inclusive | Small Group Tour | Wed*, Fri, Sun | 7:30am - 7:00pm | All Year | $225 | Discover in a day the peninsula’s treasured Olympic National Park with a naturalist at your side during our Olympic National Park Tour. Large and varied, you may find yourself hiking through the country's oldest forests down to prehistoric-looking beaches while catching views of the dramatic Olympic Range. In adventure-outfitted vehicles, you may climb up to Hurricane Ridge for a panorama of jagged peaks, alpine meadows, and the sea. Or maybe you will opt to visit a working farm and cidery for a taste of the Olympic Peninsula... * Wednesday departures only available May 15 - Sept 30 Read more →

Mt. St. Helens National Monument Tour

All-Inclusive | Small Group Tour | Mon, Thu, Sat | 7:30am - 7:30pm | Summer May 15 - Sep 30 | $225.00 | This haunting and beautiful journey takes you into the heart of Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Witness how the ecosystem is recovering and the on-going reforestation project during our Mount St. Helens Tour. Just miles from the crater, view the steaming volcano. Then head out with your naturalist guide on a walk to learn about how volcanoes are monitored and the geological events surrounding the 1980 eruption. Read more →
North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park Private Day Tour

North Cascades National Park is nicknamed the “American Alps” for a reason. It’s one of the most remote and rugged parks in the U.S., and a hike into its solitude and grandeur is unforgettable. Embark with a naturalist on a North Cascades tour through the park’s alpine meadows, across its rocky ridges, and among an endless sea of jagged peaks veneered by blue glaciers. Watch for black bear, mountain goats and bald eagles. Explore an historic hydroelectric dam. Then visit the communities outside the park for organic berries and savory wine. Read more →

San Juan Island Kayak & Ferry Adventure

All-Inclusive | Private Departures Only | 6:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. | Summer May 15 - Sep. 30 | Price on Request | The San Juan archipelago harbors near-mythical beauty amid its undeveloped islands and seascapes. Its historical relevance is just as intriguing. Spend the day on our San Juan Island Tour discovering this remote wilderness with a naturalist guide. As the morning ferry cruises to Friday Harbor, keep an eye out for sealife and birds. Then embark on a 3-hour whale watching search by kayak, passing wildlife refuges and rugged coastline. Picnic with local fare and a glass of wine, then explore... Read more →

Private Ultimate Mt. Rainier Tour

All-Inclusive | Private Tour 1:00pm - 10:00pm | Summer Only This afternoon to evening tour differs from our small group day tour. Not only does it include a ride in the Crystal Mountain Gondola to dinner and a sunset view, but it is a private tour for you and your guests alone, on the summer date you request. Experience an exhilarating afternoon hike around the Sunrise area with your naturalist guide. Then spend the afternoon at Crystal Mountain Resort. Whisked up to 7,000 feet by the new gondola, you’re now at eye-level with Mt. Rainier. Take an alpine hike, then settle into the rustic Summit House for high-altitude, gourmet dining. Read more →
Guided kayak tour Seattle, Washington

ActiVino! “Kayaking and Wine Tasting”

This world class urban kayak adventure in the heart of Seattle is rewarded with a glass of elegant Northwest wine in Woodinville Wine Country. The lake is an important habitat for a diverse range of wildlife, fauna and flora, and is also home to a myriad of boats, floating homes and an ever changing assortment of watercraft and seaplanes. With a local guide you’ll discover the natural beauty of this area while also enjoying top-notch views of downtown Seattle and an experience with Lake Union’s urban boat culture. Enjoy a Cascadian Safari lunch, before heading to Woodinville wine country for tastings at several boutique wineries. Learn the local wine making history and the art of viticulture in a relaxed, intimate setting. Read more →
Soar & Explore San Juan Island “Kayak & Seaplane”

Soar & Explore San Juan Island “Kayak & Seaplane”

All-Inclusive | Private Departures Only | 6:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. | Summer May 15 - Sep. 30 | Price on Request | Enjoy the San Juan Island Kayak and Ferry Adventure with a small group and naturalist guide, including the 3-hour search for orca by kayak, gourmet picnic lunch and island exploration, but end the day on a spectacular note, by opting for a seaplane flight back to Seattle! Skip the van ride and return to Seattle aboard an incredibly scenic seaplane flight with Kenmore Air, including a water landing in the heart of Seattle on Lake Union. Read more →

Seaplane Packages

Soar & Explore! Take your exploration to the highest level! We have partnered with Kenmore Air to provide exclusive charter packages to many of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia’s incredible destinations. The aerial views of the Pacific Northwest are some of the most stunning in the world, coupled with the experience of taking off and landing on the water, it is an adventure you will never forget. Read more →

ActiVino! “Waterfalls and Wine”

A hike into the foothills of the North Cascades is the perfect morning adventure to complement an afternoon tasting fine wines. This day outing begins with a moderate hike through a classic temperate forest. Follow your naturalist guide past lakes and rivers, spotting for wildlife. Then enhance the Northwest experience by heading into Woodinville for tastings at four boutique wineries. In an intimate setting, learn local wine making history and the art of viticulture. Read more →