Dinosaur of Sagecliffe

Sample Corporate Teambuilding Program

Client goal: (SAMPLE)

Inspire coworkers to communicate and collaborate. Create a team environment that fosters camaraderie, teamwork, creativity and collective goal setting and accomplishment

Event goal: Facilitate fresh new perspectives on working together as a team towards a common goal, meanwhile enjoying the natural setting and being educated on sustainability and conservation while experiencing the outdoors. In the end, each team member realizes that their individual and team success truly is the sum of all it’s members and that they reached their goals in a supportive and inspirational setting.

Active challenges: Hiking, orienteering, rappelling, rock climbing, tracking and digital photography

Intellectual challenges:  Include the use of a maps for navigation, analysis of complex stories and riddles, wildlife tracking and wilderness survival skills including edible plant identification

Base Camp: Cave B Inn & Spa

The Dinosaur of Sagecliffe  “In Search of Professor Philip T. Ogleby’s Missing Fossil”

For this expedition we travel to the high desert landscape, overlooking the dramatic Columbia River gorge, where we engage in this unique, adventurous and experiential team building event. It is difficult to imagine that this desert landscape was once covered in dense forest. Approximately 16 million years ago however, that is exactly what it looked like. Forests of mixed deciduous trees and conifers covered land that now can only support sagebrush, shrubs, and grasses. Volcanic eruptions that covered southeastern Washington during the Miocene epoch preserved the wood, providing evidence of these ancient forests.

Using this amazing landscape as a backdrop, we will split into search teams and start tracking the brachiosaurus – the world’s largest known dinosaur!

There have not been any dinosaur fossil discoveries in Washington State. The state boasts many rock outcrops of the appropriate age and origin, but none of them have yielded a dinosaur fossil… Or have they?  It is possible that a rare dinosaur fossil has been seen in the crags around Cave B Resort.  Your mission is to collect clues, track and successfully document the location of these elusive dinosaur bones.

Participants will use map and compass skills combined with recently unearthed artifacts to assist in tracking down the evidence that hopefully will lead them to the fossil.  Your journey will lead you through slot canyons and next to towering basalt spires – which may need to be either climbed up or rappelled down in hopes of identifying clues.  Only by working as a team will this adventure be successfully completed.

To accomplish this goal, several metaphorical obstacles will need to be overcome such as, navigating the safest and quickest route, solving riddles, and enduring the elements in this desert environment.  The job of the Evergreen Escapes guide is to keep the group safe and challenged without any member being pushed too far as to no longer have a positive experience.  It will also be his/her job to debrief after every challenge in order to improve teamwork.  At the end, all groups will rendezvous and share their stories and challenges.  Photos will be taken to document this geological expedition.



  • Travel in adventure-outfitted Mercedes Vans or Luxury Coaches
  • At least 1 facilitator per 10 participants
  • On site refreshments and snacks
  • Course & obstacle development, set up and facilitation
  • Ground activity props and course elements
  • Related gear and equipment
  • Professional & strategic motivation and coaching techniques

Optional Add Ons

  • Cascadian “On Safari” picnic lunch
  • Kayaking on Columbia River
  • Mountain Biking (paved and dirt roads)
  • Post course Celebration:
    • Regional Brews
    • Washington Wine
    • Local meat BBQ
  • Photographer
  • Videographer

  • Program Length: 4 – 6 hours (not including transportation or Add Ons).
  • Date of Event: Year Round
  • Group Size: 8 to 40 Escapists optimal
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate depending on activity – can be customized
  • Cost: From $150 – $300 per person depending on number of participants and inclusions (not including lodging or board).

***Escape Plan and total cost are subject to change until confirmed.