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Recently we hosted a colleague from one of our industry’s most reputable luxury tour operators.  She had this to say about her experience on our Mt. Rainier Snowshoe Full Day trip, “I didn’t think I could pay for an experience like that, today I found out that I could.”

Escape your Everyday! We want to personally invite you to present our high-end, unique and experiential small group adventures of Cascadia to your valued clients and have them escape their everyday.  We refer to our shared clients as “Escapists” and we would like to show them that we are truly the best at what we do in our region.  We ask you to consider adding our one-day and multi-day escapes to greatly enhance your portfolio of options in the Pacific Northwest.

Contact an Escape Artist, give us a call, or go deeper and fill out our online Escape Questionnaire for assistance planning your client’s next trip to the Pacific Northwest.

The Q&A on partnering with EverGreen Escapes Cascadia

Q:  Who are you?

A:  We are at the forefront of luxury soft adventure in Cascadia (Pacific Northwest & British Columbia).  We are experts at providing small group education based tours that blend our region’s natural beauty, wildlife, culture and culinary bounty into unique, intimate and memorable travel experiences. Whether it is just a few hours or three to four weeks of inspiring exploration, we realize that the guides make all of the difference and we feel that we have the very best in the business.  With that in mind, we make it as easy as possible on our guides by providing them with well thought out itineraries, luxury Mercedes vans and SUVs, majestic scenery and delectable locally sourced food and wine.  We endeavor to provide an exceptional guest experience each and every day, and to that end, our Escapist to Escape Artist ratio is never more than 10 to 1.  Each of our Escape Artist Naturalist guides are experts in their respective field and are enchanting storytellers that offer a “thematic interpretation” style of guiding.  We find that our region is best exposed with an in depth, educational and personalized approach to guiding…”Escape your Everyday!”

Q: Where is Cascadia and where are you located?

A:  Cascadia is the name of the bio-region that stretches from British Columbia through to Northern California, a true adventure capital of the world.  We are located in the heart of Cascadia with Base Camps in both Seattle and Portland. We have escapes that depart from those cities daily and year round.  While we currently operate multi-day tours that encompass San Francisco and Vancouver B.C. regions, we plan on expanding our small group “set departures” to these iconic cities in the next 2-3 years.

Q: Do you pay commission or offer a net rate?

A: Yes, we pay a generous commission to certified travel agents on most of our products.  If you are a tour operator or online distributor, please reach out to us directly for a net rate.

Q: How long is your current tariff good for?

A: Our current tariff is good through March 15th, 2015.  Our next tariff is good for March 16, 2015 – May 15, 2017.  Please let us know if you would like us to send you our tariff.

Q: Do you have multi-day trips? Escorted or Self Drive? 

A:  Yes, we currently have a handful of trips that you are welcome to sell into.  That said, we are in the process of designing more and would be thrilled to design some itineraries specifically for you.   Alternatively, we will design and execute self-drive itineraries for the right client.  After the initial consultation, we require a minimum design fee of $500 depending on the requested inclusions and the length of the itinerary.

Q: Do you offer private travel for FIT & Groups?

A: Our fixed small group departures are fantastic, but tailoring escorted journeys throughout Cascadia is what we do best so please let us know if you have clients that are interested in high-end private travel.   We can customize our programs for group sizes ranging from 2 to 30 and large groups on special request.

Q:  Which hotels do you have relationships with?  Do you have high-res images for each of the hotels?

A:  We are in the process of loading all of our personally scouted hotel partners into this website.  You can also use this site to build sample itineraries that will expedite the proposal and booking process.

Q:  Where do your tours depart and end?  Do you offer complimentary pick up & drop off?

A:  Day tours start and end in Seattle or Portland.  Multi-day trips can start and end in either Vancouver B.C., Seattle, Portland or San Francisco.  In those cities, we offer complimentary pick up and drop off from all downtown properties.

Q: How do we make reservations?

A:  Please call or send your day tour booking requests via email to (formerly

Please email for private tailor-made and tailored itineraries.

Q: Can we have access to live availability and book online direct?

A: Yes, and you will be given a higher commission on those bookings.  If you are interested, please let us know and we will set you up with an online discount code that reflects your correct net/commission.

Q: Do you have descriptive copy for each tour?

A:  Yes, on request we can send you a short description for each “scheduled” day tour on our tariff.  For our respective SEO purposes we hope that you use this copy to get your started but do not copy it verbatim.   Otherwise, Google and other search engines will dismiss the copy because it is unoriginal.

Q:  Do you have an image gallery?

A: Yes, please click here for our online gallery, if you require high res photos or additional photos from our lodging partners, please let us know.

Q: What are your Terms & Conditions?

A: Full payment is due to reserve space on set day tours. 25% deposit is required to secure space on private or multi-day bookings | Please see our full Terms & Conditions for set day tours here.

Q: Do your guides speak foreign languages?

A: Yes, we have quite a few languages covered on private request… Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian.

Q: What is AgriCurean Escapes?

A: In addition to the soft adventures provided by EverGreen Escapes, we created another brand called AgriCurean Escapes that sells our farm, brew, wine and other culinary focused journeys through the bountiful Pacific Northwest.

Q:  Which Local Receptives do you work with?

A:  You are welcome to book directly with us, we also currently work with New World Travel, Rocky Mountain Holidays, America 4 You, AlliedTPro to name a few.  If you are unsure, please ask your preferred receptive and if they don’t have our tariff, please send them our way!

A few key items for your consideration…

We want to make working with us as easy as possible, as it should be, so please let us know if we can cooperatively accomplish that goal.

I look forward to welcoming your clients to Cascadia and taking excellent care of each and every one of them!

Jake Haupert

Owner & Founder, EverGreen Escapes