2 Day Tour: Mt. Rainier National Park & Mt. St. Helens National Monument

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Mount Rainier National Park & Mount Saint Helens National Monument

This overnight adventure takes you to two of the most fascinating volcanoes in the world for an awe inspiring, educational and adventurous journey. Spend the first day exploring the old growth forest, alpine lakes, waterfalls and wild flower meadows of Mt. Rainier National Park.  Sleep in luxury and then head to Mt. St. Helens for an up close and personal look at the 30 years of progress made since the sleeping giant captured the world’s attention with it’s explosive eruption in 1980.

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Day One:  Mount Rainier

Bracketed by the jagged Olympic mountains to the west and the volcanic peaks of the Cascade range to the east, we’ll head for stunning Mt. Rainier National Park, home to the tallest peak in Washington. This private escape offers ample opportunities for adventure, exploration, and fun on the flanks of the nearly 3-mile high giant. 

Mt. Rainier is an active volcano encased in over 30 square miles of snow and ice and she’s surrounded by old-growth forest & stunning wildflower meadows. Forests, lakes, big views, waterfalls and river valleys are just a few of the natural highlights. Grab the binoculars for birds and wildlife – marmots, coyotes, elk, deer, foxes and black bear roam the mountainsides. There are many hikes and walks to choose from – your guide will help you to decide how to spend your time! End your day by descending down the road to Longmire or Ashford for a warm meal and a cold beer (or ice cream!). Keep your eyes peeled for deer in the meadows making their late afternoon journey to the river’s edge.

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Day Two:  Mount Saint Helens

Often overlooked as it’s classified as a National Monument (created by a president’s bill) and not a National Park (created by a vote of Congress), make your way to the one of our region’s most beautiful and ‘powerful’ main attractions: Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Witness dramatic evidence of an ecosystem recovering nearly 40 years after a massive volcanic eruption. The eruption lasted 9 hours, but Mount St. Helens and her surrounding landscapes were dramatically altered for far longer.

In the blast-zone, just 4 miles from the crater at the Johnston Ridge Observatory, you’ll soak in stunning views into the steaming volcano. The center’s state-of-the-art interpretive displays and theater reveal the geologic events that transformed the landscape and opened up a new era in the science of monitoring an active volcano and forecasting eruptions. Between the blast zone, the Coldwater Lake area, and the Hummocks Trail – plenty of good walking is available; your guide will share the options and help you to decide how to spend your day! After a full day of exploring the incredible Mt. St. Helens landscapes you’ll be back in downtown Seattle in time for dinner.

Tour Details & Options

‘Vanishing Forest’ Olympic National Park Tour

A TripAdvisor 'Hall of Fame' guide.

National Park entry fees.

Overnight accommodations.

Local, organic picnic lunches - served outside when the weather is right.

Light breakfasts (pastries, fruit, coffee, tea, etc).

A beach dinner the first evening - prepared by your guide. Dinner at the historic Lake Quinault Lodge the second evening.

Ferry fees and transportation.

Snacks, water, sparkling water, local wine, local adult beverages, etc.

You'll sleep soundly in the heart of Olympic National Park in private, comfortable mobile mini-cabins outfitted by our friends at ROAM Trailers! All lodging costs are included in our pricing.

You'll be guests of ROAM Beyond, staying in Homegrown Trailers featuring a queen bed (plus bunks), robust solar power systems, advanced battery storage, hot water and shower, induction cooktop with pots & dishes, cold refrigerator and freezer, plenty of power for lighting and charging devices, plus a self-contained toilet. Linens with a warm comforter and duvet cover will be included along with pillows, towels, and biodegradable soaps.

Join a small group (a maximum of 10 travelers total). This adventure is $1500 per person after all taxes.

This trip does require, at minimum, that three travelers book any given date. If our trip doesn't reach it's three guest floor - all booked travelers will be notified in advance and refunded fully.

To book a public trip, we ask for $250 to reserve your spot on the trip. 60 days out we'll ask for a 50% deposit as we prepare for your trip. 30 days out we'll request the final balance.

Want to make your adventure private? Prices below are before WA Sales Tax (10.1%). To inquire about private trip dates, give us a call!

1 person: $4100/person

2 people: $2400/person

3 people: $1900/person

4 people: $1600/person

5 people: $1400/person

6 people: $1250/person

7 people: $1150/person

8 people: $1000/person

9 people: $975/person

10 people: $950/person