Olympic National Park: 3-Day ‘Silent Forest’ Tour

Three Day Tour: Olympic National Park ‘Silent Forest’ Tour

Trips depart Sundays & Wednesdays beginning in late June.

A first-rate adventure in our favorite 1,100 square mile national treasure – spend time on foot in our favorite places in Olympic National Park!  Join the Northwest’s favorite guides on an unforgettable exploration of the quiet corners of UNESCO World Heritage Site Olympic National Park.

We’ll depart Seattle by ferry for the National Park, where you’ll explore waterfalls, mountains, big trees, beaches, and one of the most-intact silent landscapes remaining on earth – the legendary Hoh Rainforest. Walk through the Hoh Rainforest to ‘One Square Inch of Silence’, a tranquil sound sanctuary and the subject of several books and documentaries. Other highlights include Ruby Beach, Lake Crescent, Hurricane Ridge, Kalaloch, and more!

We’ll be walking each day – tailoring distances and timing to you as we circumnavigate the National Park. We’re happy to accommodate a wide range of desires and ability levels. At night, you’ll sleep soundly in the heart of Olympic National Park – with big views of the Pacific Ocean coast – in private, comfortable mobile mini-cabins outfitted by our friends at ROAM Trailers!

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Day One:  Untamed Waters

Soak in Puget Sound, Lake Crescent, Marymere Falls, and the Pacific Coast.

You’ll explore beautiful bodies of water and their stories. Starting in Seattle, leave the bustle of the city behind on a morning ferry crossing of the bottomless Puget Sound while you keep lookout for seals, whales, and porpoises. Learn the story of the remarkable Elwha river restoration – the largest on-going dam removal project on Planet Earth – as we make our way deeper into the Olympic Peninsula toward sparkling Lake Crescent. After a family-style picnic lunch near the lake, we’ll get our first full immersion in lush forests and babbling streams on our hike to fern-laden Marymere Falls. After listening to the crashing water echo through the towering trees we’ll head for the coast and rugged Ruby Beach. Climb haystacks, explore tide pools, or just sit back and contemplate the vastness of the Pacific Ocean as waves crash into the shore. From here, it’s just a short drive to your cozy camp, a beer cooler & charcuterie, a private beachfront, and a warm fire. Enjoy some downtime to wander and unwind. We’ll cook dinner for you tonight as we gather to share our own stories over the pulsing rhythm of the ocean. Tonight, it’s dreams of the rainforest in sleek off-grid, locally-built, mobile tiny-cabins.

Logistics:  We’ll start in downtown Seattle, then cross the Puget Sound via Washington State Ferry. From our comfortable, big-windowed, high-roof van we’ll take in the sights as we cross charming Bainbridge Island and onto the Olympic Peninsula. We’re out of the van as much as possible and on foot to explore stunning Lake Crescent, Marymere Falls, Ruby Beach, and enjoy some secluded beach time at our camp near Kalaloch on the Pacific Ocean.

Day Two:  Silent Forest

Listen to the rainforest and soak in the story of silence in the Hoh.

Our second day is a true highlight: we delve into the Hoh Rainforest – likely the quietest place in North America. This perspective-altering experience is a powerful re-orientation to sound, our own roots in the natural world, and how we see ourselves in nature. By engaging the world through sound and taking time to truly listen, we give the forest a whole new life and maybe even find some deeper truths that extend beyond the edge of the trees. Once you dive into the intricate beauty of the ecosystem, you’ll never see the forest quite the same. Our relaxed pace allows us to move a few miles into the park, soaking in the subtle details of the place, the story it tells us, learn a little about the language of the birds, and even step into an ancient time when our presence in the forest was guided by a need to hear but not be heard. There is something powerful about the connections that arise in the quiet and Matt is an insightful, wistful, and fascinating guide on this journey. We’ll return to camp for plenty of laughs and stories over dinner at the nearby lodge.

Logisitics: Today, our focus is the Hoh Rainforest! We’ll utilize the same coastal camp both nights – no packing bags or worrying about moving from place to place. We’ll take the time to find our own ‘One Square Inch of Silence.’

We’ll be walking today – choosing the distance and timing that’s right for your particular group. We’re happy to accommodate a wide range of desires and ability levels.

Day Three:  Vast Skies

Explore expansive Hurricane Ridge and hear the stories of the mountains.

We’ll enjoy a relaxed morning exploring the beach and taking in the ocean soundscape before we launch into our final day of adventure. After breakfast we’ll say goodbye to our camp and head inland once more. There are a few hidden gems we’ll stop to visit before heading to our main attraction for the day; Hurricane Ridge. We’ll climb up away from the sea, up proud of the towering rain forest canopy to reach the gusting winds of the alpine. After a filling lunch we’ll pack up some water and delve into this unique landscape. The trees here huddle close together to brace against winter storms and wind-swept branches indicate the direction of shelter. We take in the difference in sounds between the rain forest and this alpine ridge, while we let ourselves expand into the vastness of the valleys, rivers, and forests dropping away below us to the coast. We’ll witness the snow-capped Olympic Mountains jagged in the distance, and admire the tiny story of lichen written in the rocks at our feet. When you’re good and tired, we’ll find our way back down the mountain and onto a ferry, and our last crossing together, as we return to the shining Emerald City of Seattle.

Logistics: After a morning of beachcombing we’ll explore magnificent Hurricane Ridge high in Olympic National Park. If time allows we’ll make a surprise stop or two at our favorite hidden spots.

Later, we’ll return across Puget Sound by ferry to downtown Seattle for drop off at your location of choice in time for dinner! Saying goodbye is always a little sad; it’s amazing how quickly the bond between travelers grows in such an epic place.

Tour Details

Trips depart Sundays & Wednesdays beginning in late June.

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‘Vanishing Forest’ Olympic National Park Tour

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National Park entry fees.

Overnight accommodations.

Local, organic picnic lunches - served outside when the weather is right.

Light breakfasts (pastries, fruit, coffee, tea, etc).

A beach dinner the first evening - prepared by your guide. Dinner at the historic Lake Quinault Lodge the second evening.

Ferry fees and transportation.

Snacks, water, sparkling water, local wine, local adult beverages, etc.

You'll sleep soundly in the heart of Olympic National Park in private, comfortable mobile mini-cabins outfitted by our friends at ROAM Trailers! All lodging costs are included in our pricing.

You'll be guests of ROAM Beyond, staying in Homegrown Trailers featuring a queen bed (plus bunks), robust solar power systems, advanced battery storage, hot water and shower, induction cooktop with pots & dishes, cold refrigerator and freezer, plenty of power for lighting and charging devices, plus a self-contained toilet. Linens with a warm comforter and duvet cover will be included along with pillows, towels, and biodegradable soaps.

Join a small group (a maximum of 10 travelers total). This adventure is $1500 per person after all taxes.

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