5-Day Crater Lake & Mt Hood Hiking Tour

5-Day Hiking Tour

Oregon Crater Lake

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Crater Lake National Park. Smith Rock. Silver Falls. Bend, Oregon.

A surprise awaits you around nearly every corner of this 5-day tour! Beginning and ending in Portland, Oregon, take an amazing trip through the ecological and geological diversity of central Oregon. Truly a nature lovers’ playground, the Oregon Cascades are a showcase for snow-capped volcanoes, lava fields, lava cones, high deserts, rainforests, pine forests, waterfalls, hoodoos, mountain lakes, wildflower meadows, and more. Come see for yourself why the outdoor mecca of Bend, Oregon is ranked as one of the most enviable cities to live – in the world! Culminating on the shores of the deepest lake in the United States, Crater Lake, words and photos inevitably fail to convey the depth of either the water or the emotions of the observer who first looks into the “crystal ball” of this collapsed volcano. It simply must be experienced. Our naturalist guides will connect you to the area. There is no better way to see Crater Lake, Mount Hood and the Oregon Cascades than with an expert guide and a small group!

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Tour Dates 2020

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Tour Overview

Enjoy five days of non-stop scenery on this tour of the Oregon Cascades region. Visit three of the “Seven Wonders of Oregon” – Mt. Hood, Smith Rock and Crater Lake – on this diverse and action-packed adventure in the Cascades of north-central Oregon. Hike to a tranquil mountain lake with views of Mt. Hood on your way to the stunning rock formations along the Crooked River near the outdoor mecca of Bend, Oregon. Spend two nights in Bend and two nights at Crater Lake National Park Lodge (if available). Cap it off with a visit to Silver Falls State Park which has almost as many waterfalls as the celebrated Columbia Gorge. Learn about the rich natural history of these destinations as we examine each of them up close!

Mt. Hood is waiting for you! Find your tour.

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Day 1: Mt Hood and Smith Rock

Volcano Vistas. Sub-alpine Lake. Basalt Canyons.
Craft Beers.

After leaving Portland, we explore the best Mt Hood National Forest has to offer. See how Mirror Lake earned its name, offering a perfect reflection of the mountain on a calm day. From there, we head across the Cascade Mountains to Smith Rock State Park – often heralded as the birthplace of sport rock-climbing in America. Surrounded by sage desert, church-like spires of volcanic ash rise above the aptly named Crooked River to form the central features of this majestic landscape. Against a backdrop of snow-capped volcanoes, climbers hang suspended from the cliffs while eagles and prairie falcons ride thermal air currents in search of prey. Enjoy dinner and sample an array of unparalleled craft beers at Bend Brewery before getting some rest at the historic McMenamins Old St. Francis School in Bend. We will be here for both nights of the tour.

Walking Distances: Mirror Lake: 4.5 miles, 700’ gain; 3500-4200’ elev.

– 1 –

Day 2: Tumalo Mountain

Crater Lake. Waterfall. Fire Lookout. The Pinnacles.

Head to the Mt. Bachelor area today for a hike through subalpine forests to the summit of Tumalo Mountain in Deschutes National Forest. Come face to face with Three Sisters, Broken Top and Mt. Bachelor on this relatively short hike to one of the best viewpoints in the central Oregon Cascades. Take the afternoon off to explore more of the town of Bend or enjoy another short hike in the area. Dinner is on your own tonight and great choices abound from food carts and brew-pubs to wine bars and fine dining.

Walking Distances: Tumalo Mtn: 4 miles, 1400’ gain, 7755’ high pt

– 2 –

Day 3: Crater Lake Nat’l Park

Crater Lake. Waterfall. Fire Lookout. The Pinnacles.

Head south to Crater Lake today – the deepest lake in the U.S. and the scene of the most dramatic geologic event in the history of Oregon. 7700 years ago, Mt. Mazama – once a towering, 12,000’ volcano – collapsed in a climactic eruption, leaving a crater nearly six miles in diameter and 2000’ deep. In the meantime, the crater has been filling with rain water and snow-melt… Contemplate the origins of this mind-boggling scenic wonder while you try to spot the Old Man of the Lake – a 30-foot hemlock log that has been sailing on the surface of the lake for over 100 years. Our first stop will be the Mt. Scott fire lookout for an overview (pun intended). On the way to this (literally) breath-taking summit, traverse fields of pumice, dawdle through wildflower meadows, and rest your legs beneath mountain hemlock, whitebark pine, or the occasional Shasta red fir. Take a short walk to lush Plaikni Falls before stopping to contemplate the Pinnacles. These anomalistic, needle-like rock formations rising from the depths of Sand Creek Canyon are visually reminiscent of some of the canyonlands in Utah. Spend the next two nights at Crater Lake Lodge (if available), the lovingly restored National Park Lodge perched on the west rim. The views are fantastic.

Walking Distances: Mt. Scott: 4.4 mi, 1,250’ gain, 8832’ high point
– Plaikni Falls: 1 mile, 150’ gain

– 3 –

Day 4: Crater Lake Nat’l Park

Crater Lake National Park.

Choose your activity today. Options abound for more hiking and scenic enjoyment in the Park. Your naturalist guide will know the best places for the season. Enjoy a day on your own by the lake or on nearby trails, or you may choose to relax and read a book at the Lodge. Options abound for activity, repose, or both! Lunch today is on your own at the Lodge.
Day 5: Silver Falls State Park

Walking Distances: Trail of Ten Falls: 5 mi, 900’ gain; 1600’ avg. elev.

– 4 –

Day 5: Silver Falls State Park

Waterfalls Galore. Rain Forest.

It is a bit of a drive back to Portland, but we will break it up with some scenic rest stops, lunch and – of course – another great hike! Enter a new world today. Descending from Crater Lake puts us back on the moss-carpeted, densely forested westside (aka – the “wet-side”) of the Cascade Mountains. The Trail of Ten Falls in Silver Falls State Park provides a perfect representation of the rainforest ecology of this area. On top of that, it boasts the 2nd highest concentration of falls in Oregon (the Columbia Gorge is #1). We will hike a 5-mile section of the trail in the afternoon before returning you to your hotel in Portland.

Walking Distances: Trail of Ten Falls: 5 miles, 900’ gain

– End –

Crater Lake & Mt. Hood Hiking Tour Details

PREMIERE LODGING: Our lodging for this 5-day adventure includes 2-night stays at both the historic McMenamins Old St. Francis School in Bend, Oregon as well as the acclaimed Crater Lake Lodge.

Naturalist guides connect you to the story behind the scenery.

Hike to a mountain lake with close-up views of Mt. Hood.

Check out the dizzying array of basalt “sculptures” at world-famous Smith Rock State Park.

Spend two days exploring Crater Lake National Park!

Admire ten lovely waterfalls on a mere 5-mile hike in a park that boasts the 2nd highest concentration of waterfalls in Oregon (Columbia Gorge is #1, of course).

Spend two nights in Bend, Oregon – an outdoor enthusiasts mecca as well as a craft beer aficionados’ Shangri-La.

If you want to do more than just hike and see the sights, our naturalist guides will help you connect with the story behind the natural wonders of this diverse region.

This tour is suitable for all hiking abilities. Easier, or more-difficult options can be found.

  • Naturalist tour leader
  • Overnight accommodations – all included
  • Full breakfasts – all included
  • All lunches included. We will pack our trail lunches from fresh, local, organic (where possible) ingredients.
  • Full dinners – including appetizers. Alcohol at restaurants is not provided.
  • Transportation fees.
  • Snacks, water, sparkling water, local wine, local beer, etc.
  • Premiere accommodations for this tour are at the historic McMenamins Old St. Francis School in Bend, Oregon as well as the acclaimed Crater Lake Lodge.
  • We have selected these accommodations to give you the opportunity to explore the area on your own, as well as with the group.
  • Bend is one of the microbrewing capitals of the Northwest, featuring options for unique gastro-pubs as well as excellent dining in general.

Although we see our 5-day itinerary as giving the best the area has to offer in terms of dining and accommodations, the high concentration of nearby lodging and food choices make this itinerary eminently flexible and customizable for your group. We are happy to discuss other possibilities with you!

  • More basic (less-expensive) accommodations can be had on all nights of the tour.
  • Another option for controlling costs is having breakfasts and dinners on your own.
  • The hikes can be easily selected and tailored (shortened or extended) to meet the desires or abilities of your group.
  • The tour can also start and end in Bend, Oregon (instead of Portland), allowing for more hiking in the Crater Lake and Bend areas.
  • The tour can be lengthened by combining this 3-day tour with more days in the area or with another tour (or tours) in the region to create a longer and more diverse Northwest wilderness experience! Options include:

SEASONS (What to expect):

Summer (late-June to mid-Sept.) is the best time to visit the area and be reasonably assured that all the roads and trails are open.

Real Time Climate and weather:

Crater Lake Bend


McMenamins – drop-off, same day service, across the street Crater Lake Lodge – guest laundry services

Books: For background on the Park, we recommend: Crater Lake National Park - A History, by Rick Harmon Central Oregon booklist


Crater Lake National Park website

Below is a suggested list of items that you may want to bring on your upcoming hiking tour. When packing, remember that the weather can offer surprises, especially in the mountains. Plan to dress in layers and carry extra clothing every day for lunch and rest stops.

Regular Clothes

  • Hiking pants or convertible pants
  • Casual clothes—jeans, shorts, sport shirts
  • Dinner clothes—nice casual attire is fine
  • Hiking boots suitable for rocky trails
  • Casual shoes
  • Hiking socks (no cotton) and casual socks
  • Sweater or light jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Underwear
  • Bathing suit for hot tubs and spas

Other Items

  • Binoculars
  • Camera, extra batteries, charger, and memory cards; dry bag (optional)
  • Daypack with hydration system
  • Driver’s license
  • National Parks or Federal Recreation Lands Pass (optional; bring it if you have one)
  • Reading material
  • Sunscreen
  • Ball cap for sun protection
  • Sunglasses – dark enough for snow and bright sun
  • Insect repellant of choice
  • Toiletries and blister kit
  • Vitamins and / or prescription drugs
  • Extra set of glasses or contacts
  • Small headlamp or flashlight
  • Trekking poles (collapsible)
  • A spirit of adventure

Additional Items for Cooler Seasons and High Elevations

  • Baselayer shirts and tights
  • Long sleeve fleece or mid-weight jacket suitable for active hiking
  • Warm jacket for mornings and evenings
  • Fleece or wool hat
  • Winter gloves
  • Thermal socks
  • Wool sweater
  • Waterproof rain gear

Join us to explore the Northwest!

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