NW Cuisine

We believe that food is a thread that connects and defines our travels, our cultural exchanges, and many of the memorable shared experiences in our lives.  It’s part of who we are.

Cascadian Safari Food

On tour, we aim to provide food for the soul in the form of enriching experiences and beautiful memories; we also want to provide great (actual) food to sustain your mind and body during our trips!


We call our meals “Cascadian Safari” because the ingredients are sourced (as much as possible) from local Cascadian and organic farms and we serve them on-the-go.  We use local, sustainable partners to build healthy meals worth eating!


We practice “Leave No Trace” principals in the field, so food is typically served on reusable dishes, with silverware and linen napkins to reduce our footprint.  When we bring packable lunches, it’s in compostable corn-based plastics, recycled and recyclable paper boxes, and with bio-degradable flatware!


The Menu

Lunch is served on our full day programs and usually includes a protein like grilled chicken or salmon; a seasonal grain salad such as quinoa with grilled vegetables; a seasonal green salad; and beverages such as sparkling water and a local wine.

Depending on the escape, many programs may include morning pastries, local coffee (Herkimer) pressed in the field, as well as seasonal fruits, nuts, granola bars, or Aussie Bites.  We also like to bring teas, hot water, and cookies to keep things moving!

**Vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free and other dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advance notice.  Please contact our team if you’d like to request dietary considerations.