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The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is considered one of the most beautiful homes on the North Coast of California. Located in Trinidad, this four bedroom three bathroom house is the perfect place for a California coastal getaway. With spectacular views of the water and a secluded location, The Sanctuary provides a uniquely tranquil experience. The architecture has a very natural feel with wooden, glass, and slate elements that unite you with the surrounding area. Beautiful bedroom balconies and large outdoor decks provide spectacular ocean views.

Carter House Inns

Luxury lodging at its finest. Carter House Inns unite contemporary good taste with the gracious elegance of a bygone era, achieving a synthesis of styles which is absolutely unique. Large windows invite glorious streams of sunlight into the mansions, where rich fabrics, original local art and fresh flowers splash vibrant color in every room. In luxury, Carter House has no equal. There are four Victorian buildings perched along Humboldt Bay with contemporary style to choose from. If you are looking for a charming hotel experience, this is it.