Team Building Programs

What is special about team building with EverGreen Escapes?

Our corporate clients, from Expedia to Eddie Bauer, Microsoft, Nike and more, say it’s the unique in-depth learning experience and hands-on fun that makes EverGreen Escapes team building adventures unparalleled experiences.

Shawna Sherman

By using nature as our stage and working with our partner Hibiscus Consulting, a professional leadership development company, corporate clients leave their offices and open themselves to one another for adventure. Whether it is a few hours or a few days, this leads to inspiration, breakthrough understandings and long-term bonding.

Shawna Sherman of Hibiscus Consulting will work with you to customize your outcome-based programs. Shawna has been with EverGreen Escapes as a naturalist guide and comes to leading and facilitating through years of corporate management experience, an Executive Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and an early career as a wilderness therapist. With that she designs programs toward clients’ pressing business hibiscusissues to deliver a powerful team building experience. At day’s end, Shawna translates quintessential team take-aways and may provide follow-up coaching to deepen the team’s transformation from the day’s discoveries.

Whether corporate clients seek better team relationships, greater collaboration, or just want a chance to have fun together, EverGreen Escapes and our team is ready and equipped!


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Outcome-Based Programs

Share the Same Mission

Our team building programs employ hands-on learning as well as physical and intellectual challenges integrated with an ecosystem-specific theme, historically accurate storyline and imaginative tale. Our adventures promise to be a fantastic way to develop cohesive, motivated teams in a supportive and inspiring outdoor setting.


Adventure Races

If you are craving a bit of traditional competition with a very non-traditional style, then a custom-designed adventure race is for your group. Using adventure activities such as hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and kayaking your team can feel just like they’re being cheered on by millions on Survivor or the Amazing Race!

EverGreen Escapes will bring the program to you when designing an adventure race, whether the setting is urban, rural or wilderness. Or leave it to us to arrange all the accommodations for your group with one of our destination partners.

SAMPLE ESCAPE | The Salmon River Geographic Expedition

Escape with Purpose

Get your philanthropic hands dirty

Give your team the opportunities to learn and grow from giving back to the community. EverGreen Escapes partners with several regional organizations to provide service-based activities in a group setting. Consider restoring habitat along the Duwamish River in South Seattle or take a seaplane to Orcas Island to restore a saltwater estuary. The options for how and where to contribute your energy are as diverse as your team.

Each event is staffed by our expert naturalist guides whose job is to provide context to your hard work and deepen your team’s experience by teaching you more about the historical context of the site as well as the people and wildlife affected by your work. Additionally, we can connect your team with pertinent researchers to provide more information and context to the contribution you’re making.

We utilize these 4 elements to compose the EverGreen Escapes signature:

1. Sense of Place – Urban or wilderness, Cascadia or abroad, we incorporate a sense of place with the course area into every participant’s experience. This connection with the land, its stories and those of its ancestral peoples marks the difference between a cliched, cheesy experience and an authentic interaction with the world.

2. Role-play & Story – Among the best testimonials we’ve ever received are the statements that our participants forgot that they were even participating in a team building program at all. The effective use of role-play and story are the keys to this “suspension of disbelief,” deepening your team’s experience with one another and making the real transformations possible.

3. Sense of Urgency – Answering the critical question of “so what?”, we drive each of our team programs with an appropriate sense of urgency. This could be a race against the clock written into the story of a team building program, a race against the other team(s) in an adventure race, or one of many other possibilities.

4. Challenge & Adventure – With an eye to different learning styles and attention spans, we bring your team back into their bodies and the present moment with an element of physical challenge and adventure. We work with you to target your team’s “stretch zone,” so that our participants are appropriately challenged without going too far beyond their comfort zone to ensure a positive experience.

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“More than a team-building experience, every guide and facilitator at EverGreen Escapes has a rich background and knowledge of different natural aspects. Whether it’s kayaking in the Puget Sound and learning about the different pods of killer whales or the tides and fish species or facilitating a team building exercise for over 200 people everyone on the team was professional, fun and someone I’d love to sit down and have a beer with to learn more. A fabulous business model and a great group of people!”

~ Dysthe Paige of Nike Event Planning Department

“As an event planner, I cannot emphasize how wonderful it is to actually be able to sit back and enjoy something I was involved in coordinating. The team from Evergreen Escapes managed all the details and planning so well, to the Biamp group, everything went off without a hitch. Even when we arrived at Cannon Beach to no electricity, our group was so impressed we were eating at the only restaurant with a wood-fire oven, it couldn’t have gone any smoother.”

~ Abbey Masciarotte of Biamp Systems

“EverGreen Escapes is an amazing group of people that have brought life and a unique energy to our beautiful resort of Cave B Inn at SageCliffe. They have helped our team, clients and even our property realize its full potential. With the exciting adventures of rock climbing, hiking, kayaking and snow shoeing that EverGreen does best paired with the amazing wine, food, stunning overnight accommodations and breathtaking views that Cave B does best we are a recipe for success! They are truly a team of professionals and have helped many of our corporate groups think far “outside the box” and give their attendees something new and different to experience above and beyond the norm of teambuilding activities.”

~ Elizabeth Averill of Cave B Inn at SageCliffe

“Evergreen Escapes epitomizes what a Pacific Northwest tour operator should be. With their biodiesel vans, naturalist guides, focus on local food and wine and sustainable business model, they have been wonderful partners to Washington State Tourism. We have contracted with them many times to host international media and tour operators alike and all trips have earned rave reviews from our guests. We would recommend them to anyone looking to create a memorable PNW experience.”

~ Tammy Guill of Washington State Tourism

“We enjoy working with EverGreen Escapes because of their flexibility and ability to provide top notch adventures throughout the region. From snowshoe trips in the Cascades, bike trips on the San Juans and hikes all over the place they always step up to the plate and allow us to customize the adventure for our associates.”

~ Karl Weiss of Eddie Bauer

“The EverGreen Escape Artists are fantastically creative and incredibly knowledgeable. My team went on a “Search and Rescue” mission created by EverGreen Escapes and we are all dying to do it again. Not only did the experience develop great communication and team work, but it created friendships and, for me, a new love of kayaking. I have since booked another tour with their Portland team, and was once again very impressed.”

~ Stacey Brunelle of Expedia


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