Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the things travelers ask about most:

Generally speaking, the Northwest has a mild climate but the temperatures and conditions can change quickly - especially if you are near the coast or in the mountains. Please wear closed-toe comfortable walking shoes, hiking shoes, or light boots. A light wind/waterproof jacket is always good to have. We also recommend non-cotton outer layers (please avoid denim) on all outdoor tours. Extra layers or a second pair of socks can be safely stored in our vehicles if you decide you do not need them. A hat and sunglasses are great. Beyond clothing, your cell phone or camera and any necessary medications are pretty much it! We're happy to take care of everything else!
We offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off wherever you’re staying in downtown Seattle – hotels, Airbnbs, vacation rentals, a friend’s apartment, etc. Our operations team will connect with you 24 hours prior to your trip to confirm time and location.
Our full day tours include downtown pick-up and drop-off, a gourmet lunch (not included on half day tours), pressed local coffee, a light breakfast, sparkling water, water, snacks, park entrance fees, transportation (of course!), and a lovely local guide. All wine tasting fees are included in the cost of your wine tour! On winter trips, we will provide any gear needed to snowshoe. Additional warm clothing is available upon request.
We have built our trips to appeal to all abilities and interest levels, and the level of activity can be considered easy to moderate. Our tours have a maximum of ten guests, which allows your guide to tailor the activity level to your group. If you are interested in slowing down (or speeding up) significantly - we can certainly arrange a private itinerary specifically for you.
Great question! In summer – average group size is 6 - 10 travelers. In the winter – average group size is 4 - 6 travelers.
Half Day – on morning tours, we provide morning pastries with tea or local coffee and seasonal fruit, juices and water. On afternoon tours we provide afternoon snacks and refreshments (such as granola bars, cookies, sparkling water, tea, water, etc.). Full Day – along the way, we’ll serve morning pastries with tea or coffee. At lunchtime we provide a full gourmet picnic with local wine. Expect a protein like grilled chicken (or tofu) served with side dishes including green salads, grain, pasta, or potato salad, and dessert! You'll have unlimited access to snacks and refreshments throughout the day. *Please advise us if you have any food restrictions, allergies or requests. We can accommodate a wide variety of needs when given enough notice.
In very rare (once or twice a year) instances, the weather (dangerous wind, downed trees, ice, etc) may prevent us from running a tour. If this occurs, we will work with you to reschedule for another day, another tour, or completely refund your trip.
So you've heard it rains in the Northwest? Our guides craft the best itinerary for the day to accommodate the weather. We run our tours rain or shine because the Pacific Northwest is stunning regardless of what the weather may bring. Frequently, wet weather only lasts an hour or so before things start to improve again! Did you know that Houston, Chicago, and even New York City get more rain than our two home cities?
We like to work for travelers - never against. Changes depend a bit on your specific situation and how far in advance you are able to make them. Please review our Terms & Conditions for specific details. If you have any questions, give us a call!
Absolutely! We offer private tours for just about any group size. For a very large group, where lots of vans and guides (or a bus rental) are required, contact us and we can assist with planning! We offer plenty of single-day, multi-day, and custom private trips!
This depends on the tour you are on and the group size you are in. On most of our tours it'll be a comfortable Mercedes-Benz van that can accommodate 10 guests or a new Ford Transit 15-passenger van for extra room. Our vans have ample leg room, large windows, and a very smooth ride. We believe in having the right tool for the job so we may contract for a more appropriately-sized vehicle, perhaps a luxury SUV, if your group needs it. We’ll make sure you're comfortable!

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