Arrange Your Tour Pick-Up

Let Us Know Where You’ll be Staying!

We’ll pick you up!  We coordinate pick ups around downtown for each trip.  Here’s how you’ll know what to do:


Where Are You Staying?

Did you share your hotel information with us while booking?  If not, use the short form below to let us know what trip you’re on (date & tour), where you’re staying and what phone number/email we can use to let you know exactly when we’ll pick you up for your tour.


We’ll call/text/email you the morning prior to your tour.

We’ll use your contact information to contact you the day before your trip (typically between 10a & noon) to let you know approximate pickup timing and where we’ll look for you. Don’t worry too much about calling us a few days out – we don’t create our pickup schedule until the day prior.


If we miss you…

We’ll leave a voicemail, send you an email, leave a message with your hotel desk or set out on foot looking for you (not really).  We’ll do what we can to let you know your pickup time.

Let us know where you’re staying! If you did at the time of booking–we’re already planning for you.

We’ll use this information to coordinate your pickup–yep, we’ll pick you up!  If you’re staying well outside of our legal downtown pickup zones–well use this information to assist you in meeting up with your small group!