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It’s lovely to meet you!

We’re Evergreen Escapes!

We’re professional nature guides with a deep love for our home – the Pacific Northwest – and for sharing it with travelers from around the planet!  We’d be thrilled to show you around.

Our little team is family-owned and significantly experienced.  Our guides were born for this – we’ve been working outside for as long as we’ve been working!  We didn’t just quit our Amazon jobs so we could play outside; we’re not Facebook execs with money to burn (no offense–tech giants)!  We have degrees in fun, nerdy things like Environmental Education, Forest Science, Sustainability, Environmental Policy, Wine & Spirits (yes–a master’s degree in wine & spirits!), and so on.  Heck, our guides even write the guide books for the region!  We live for this.

Our small-group trips are all-inclusive, comfortably paced, and we love spending time exploring our beautiful places on foot.  We’ve been pioneering trips like these for the last 15 years – we have our imitators now.  We’re flattered that you found your way to us; please give us a call or send our team a note if we can tell you more about our authentic Northwestern experiences or assist you in planning or booking a trip!


Evergreen Escapes

Our Guide Team

We believe we employ the hardest-working, most-genuine, and most-talented local guides in the Northwest. Our team is built to teach, to listen and to learn!

Marty Wentzel

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, Marty has long enjoyed exploring the waterways and mountains of the Puget Sound region. He attended the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, earning a BA in Liberal Arts in 2000. His love of working in the outdoors has brought him to many exciting new frontiers including; Colorado’s Rocky mountains as a chair lift operator, and the rivers and lakes of Washington while working for the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Marty spent 10 years living on Hawaii’s Big Island, where he began his career as a naturalist guide. He lead bike rides and hiking tours through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, guiding groups within feet of active lava surface flows of Kilauea volcano. Marty’s travel adventures have brought him to the beaches and jungles of Thailand, and the pristine wilderness of Alaska. But his most exciting adventure of all began on New Years day of 2011 when he welcomed his first daughter Milan into the world. Returning to the Pacific Northwest, Marty is in his element leading tours of the gems of Cascadia and is excited to share his love of his home. In his free time Marty enjoys spending time with his family, making Thai food and teaching his daughter how to play soccer and skateboard.

Sean Petersmark