Our Story

Our Story

The EverGreen Escapes Story

We are Escape Artists, a community of travel professionals against the magnificent backdrop of Cascadia, a bio-region encompassing Northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Our world-renowned and award-winning escapes range from educational small group tours scheduled to depart weekly from Portland and Seattle, to custom-crafted private travel, family adventures and self-drive itineraries throughout the Pacific Northwest, to meaningful corporate adventures and international journeys.   We blend the best of our natural wonders, wildlife encounters, culinary bounty and urban enchantments into memorable experiences with only the best luxury vehicles and boutique lodging.

Our vision is to operate a destination management company that embodies both a luxurious, exclusive experience and cutting edge sustainability practices – reducing our impact on our environment and benefiting local residents and communities. Our values remain core to the EverGreen Escapes mission. Each itinerary and guide practices sustainable tourism techniques and is committed to demonstrating to our clients how we can all travel more responsibly. We hope that our EverGreen experiences, guides, and partners will inspire and educate our clients about how their choices can have a direct and profound impact on protecting and conserving the natural environments we explore.

Our values aren’t the only thing that sets us apart. We employ guides so knowledgeable, personable, attentive and talented, they’re called Escape Artists. We drive adventure-outfitted, bio-fueled Mercedes vans and crossovers. Our groups are small and intimate with a guest to guide ratio of at least 10 to 1. We use local caterers who provide gourmet Cascadian Safari fare, sourced as locally and organically as possible. We use real silverware and flatware on our outdoor picnics, to not only reduce our waste, but to appreciate the culinary experience of every meal. We drink local wine with meals, because the flavors of this land are a part of the Cascadian experience. We create the kind of experiences that we ourselves desire when we travel- a mixture of adventure, nature, culture, and local flavors, experienced while traveling in sleek transportation, with a luxurious place to dream at night.

We invite you to come “Escape your Everyday” with us and experience Cascadia the way you want to.