Private Day Tour: Mt. Hood Loop

Private Day Tour: Mt. Hood Loop via Historic Columbia River Highway

The trip from Portland through the Columbia River Gorge and around Mt. Hood offers views of spectacular waterfalls, stream-laden walks, history, boutique wineries and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Traveling along the Historic Columbia River Highway, opportunities for hiking, splashing, wine tasting and photography abound on this adventurous day-long tour of the Mt. Hood Loop.

Traveling along the Historic Columbia River Highway, you will have the chance to see a few of over 70 waterfalls, including the second tallest perennial waterfall in the US, Multnomah Falls. Opportunities for hiking, splashing, and photography abound, as trails to, under, and around these natural beauties provide ample access for every kind of adventurer.

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8:00 am to 6:00 pm
We visit Mt. Hood Year-Round.
Timing is somewhat flexible on private trips.


Our private tours accommodate a maximum of twelve travelers.
We’ll use a Mercedes Sprinter van or new Ford Transit to get around!


See our pricing breakdown below. Fixed costs are high–our trips become much cheaper with more travelers!


We have the best guides in the Pacific Northwest.  They’ll bring plenty of food and drink, pay all entrance fees, and bring any gear you might need.

Savor a fresh, local lunch in Hood River (included in the price).
Taste some of Oregon’s best varietals at two boutique wineries in the Hood River Area (tastings included).

Feel the spray of the 620-ft-tall Multnomah Falls (when available) and other waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge.

Wind up to 6,000 ft. of elevation to tour the historic Timberline Lodge. Reach Mt. Hood’s snowline as late as July!

Track Lewis & Clark’s historic journey and hear Native American legends of the region.

Embark on interpretative nature walks led by a naturalist guide.

Learn about the explosive natural history and iconic volcanoes of the Cascade Range.

As we continue heading east, you may notice a dramatic change in climate and plant life…

The wet forests of the coastal Pacific Northwest give way to Garry Oak, Ponderosa Pines, and other more arid vegetation, creating prime growing conditions for grapes.

Nearing the town of Hood River we will embark on a tour of a few local wineries, each one unique and charming in its own way, and of course sample some of the boutique wines found only here in Oregon. Some of the wineries we may visit include Marchesi, Hood River Vineyards, Cathedral Ridge, Wy’East Vineyards and Pheasant Valley. The weather, views, and wines make for an unparalleled vineyard experience.

After our fill of excellent wines, we head toward Mt. Hood, whose snow-capped peak dominates the skyline. Along the way, you can enjoy hikes along rushing rivers and fish-laden streams. We will make our way up the mountain to historic Timberline Lodge, where you can take in the monumental views and read about local legends and pioneering skiers.

After a day of waterfalls, wineries, and mountains, it is back to Portland in time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city!

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Private Tour Pricing: Mt. Hood Loop Tour

1 Traveler


$1000 total.

2 travelers


$1200 total.

3 travelers


$1300 total.

4 travelers


$1400 total.

5 travelers


$1500 total.

6 travelers


$1575 total.

7 travelers


$1650 total.

8 travelers


$1725 total.

9 travelers


$1800 total.

10 travelers


$1875 total.

11 travelers


$1950 total.

12 travelers


$2025 total.