Private Day Tour: North Cascades National Park

Private Full Day Tour: North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park is nicknamed the “American Alps” for a reason…

It’s one of the most remote and rugged parks in the U.S., and a hike into its solitude and grandeur is unforgettable. Embark with a naturalist on a North Cascades tour through the park’s alpine meadows, across its rocky ridges, and among an endless sea of jagged peaks veneered by blue glaciers. Watch for black bear, mountain goats and bald eagles. On the way home, explore the communities outside the park for organic berries and local wine.

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6:30 am to 7:30 pm
We visit North Cascades July – Sept.
Timing is somewhat flexible on private trips.


Our private tours accommodate a maximum of twelve travelers.
We’ll use a Mercedes Sprinter van or new Ford Transit to get around!


See our pricing breakdown below. Fixed costs are high–our trips become much cheaper with more travelers!


We have the best guides in the Pacific Northwest.  They’ll bring plenty of food and drink, pay all entrance fees, and bring any gear you might need (like snowshoes).

North Cascades National Park is one of the most beautiful–and least visited–parks in the American system.  It’s just not as well known as the other heavyweights in the region.

Learn about the natural history of this remote National Park and the geology of the active volcanoes of the Cascade Range.

Explore diverse & stunning environments on foot: subalpine ecosystems, jewel blue lakes, cascading creeks, and (in the summer) flower-strewn mountain meadows. Don’t forget your sturdy shoes!

Savor a fresh, local, family-style lunch with local wines (included with tour price). We’ll also bring local coffee to press, tea, a light breakfast, and plenty of water and sparkling water for the day! Don’t worry about a thing…

Travel via the North Cascades Highway through the 500,000 acre National Park to access viewpoints, hikes, and remote wilderness.

Watch for Black-tail deer, Roosevelt elk, black bears, Grizzly Bears, Gray Wolves, Cascade red foxes, Stellers Jays, and more.

Adventuring into North Cascades National Park is a unique and unforgettable experience–it is one of the least visited and most rugged National Parks in the U.S.

It is nicknamed the “American Alps” because while hiking through the park’s alpine meadows or along its high, rocky ridges visitors observe a seemingly endless sea of jagged peaks and glaciers. Unlike the Alps, the North Cascade Mountains harbor an abundance of wildlife including mountain goats, black bears, grizzlies, wolves, and wolverines, with very few human inhabitants.

Anyone interested in wilderness preservation and escaping the humdrum of city life will relish in the scale and grandeur of this protected landscape. However, the small communities outside the park are also well worth exploring for their organic berry farms and wineries!

The North Cascades are home to powerful rivers that wind through towering, glacier-capped peaks and we will embark on this journey to experience it all. We might meander along the forested shores of Lake Diablo or we may push on up to Cascade Pass for a stunning view of some of the largest glaciers in the North Cascades National Park. We will also visit an historic hydroelectric dam to see where Seattle’s electricity is generated and connect with how this vast, protected watershed impacts the daily lives of millions of Washingtonians. And after a long day’s hike we will be sure to indulge ourselves at Cascadian Farms with their fresh organic berries and ice cream. There is also the option of visiting the local Glacier Peak Winery whose wines honor in their taste the beauty of the Skagit River Valley. Winter along this river also attracts hundreds of migratory bald eagles that feed on chum salmon and steelhead, so depending on the time of year we may see them in action!

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Private Tour Pricing: North Cascades National Park

1 Traveler


$1321.20 total after tax.

2 Travelers


$1431.30 total after tax.

3 travelers


$1541.40 total after tax.

4 travelers


$1651.50 total after tax.

5 Travelers


$1761.60 total after tax.

6 Travelers


$1871.70 total after tax.

7 Travelers


$1981.80 total after tax.

8 Travelers


$2091.90 total after tax.

9 Travelers


$2202.00 total after tax.

10 Traveler


$2312.10 total after tax.

11 Travelers


$2422.20 total after tax.

12 Travelers


$2532.30 total after tax.