Private Day Tour: San Juan Island

Private Full Day Tour: San Juan Island

The archipelago could very well be a National Park. 
Explore Northwestern island life!

The San Juan archipelago harbors mythical beauty amid its islands, bluffs and seascapes; its regional historical relevance is just as stunning! Spend the day on our San Juan Island Tour discovering this mysterious landscape with a naturalist guide. As the morning ferry glides toward Friday Harbor, keep an eye out for sea life and birds. This hour-long ferry ride will keep you glued to your window or deck railing as you slip between islands.

Once on San Juan Island, fantastic walking options, birding spots, and whale watching from shore will keep you busy. If the islands weren’t lightly populated–the whole place would make an incredible National Park! Picnic with local fare and a glass of wine, then explore historic British and American “Pig War” camps. Explore the rocky coastline and old lighthouse of Lime Kiln State Park; bring your binoculars–it’s generally considered one of the best places on the planet to watch for whales from shore! As the sun begins to set–hop into a seaplane for a gorgeous flight back to Seattle.

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6:15 am to 10:00 pm*
We visit San Juan Island year-round.
*A seaplane flight from Friday Harbor reduces return trip by 3 hours.


Our private tours accommodate a maximum of twelve travelers.
We’ll use a Mercedes Sprinter van or new Ford Transit to get around!


See our pricing breakdown below. Fixed costs are high–our trips become much cheaper with more travelers!


We have the best guides in the Pacific Northwest.  They’ll bring plenty of food and drink, pay all entrance fees, and bring any gear you might need (like snowshoes).

Ferry through the inlets of the Salish Sea from Anacortes to San Juan Island.

Soak in views of the Olympic Mountains and Mt. Baker from American Camp.

Upgrade: Up the “Wow” factor and drastically reduce your return commute to Seattle with a gorgeous seaplane flight from Friday Harbor to Lake Union in downtown Seattle.

Watch for orca pods, minke whales, seals, sea lions, otters, and bald eagles from Lime Kiln State Park.
It’s considered the best place in the U.S. to watch for Orcas from land!

Savor a fresh, family-style lunch with local wines (included in the price).  We’ll bring local coffee, tea, and bakery for the morning!

Upgrade: Paddle along the rugged coastline of San Juan Island on a three-hour kayak excursion.

From Seattle we drive north to Anacortes, the jumping-off point to the world-renowned San Juan archipelago.

The peaceful hour-long ferry ride from Anacortes is a marine cruise in itself and is an excellent opportunity to keep an eye out for an impressive diversity of wildlife, including Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, Dall’s and Harbor Porpoises, Stellar’s and California Sea Lions, a variety of marine birds, and even our resident Orcas if you’re lucky. After traversing the scenic waterways between islands such as Cypress, Lopez, Orcas, and Shaw, we reach the quaint but charming seaside town of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

Disembark from the ferry and head in one of several directions to stretch your legs and smell the sea breeze. Options might include: a moderately-challenging hike to the top of Young Hill for remarkable views of the San Juan archipelago, beach-combing along the driftwood-strewn South Beach, or exploring the historic American and English “Pig War” Camps, which are part of the San Juan Island National Historical Park (they were encampments during a post-Civil War boundary dispute between the United States and England).

Afternoons are best to venture to Lime Kiln State Park, considered one of the best places for observing Orcas from land in North America (and an excellent alternative for a picnic lunch). Even if J-, K-, or L-pod (orca families) aren’t around, the dramatic and stunning views across Haro Strait towards Vancouver Island and the Olympic Mountains are well worth the stop, not to mention there is often plenty of other marine wildlife to keep an eye out for during a short hike along the shoreline.

We might end the day with a visit to Pelindaba Lavender Farm to revel in the intoxicating aroma of acres of lavender, or San Juan Vineyards for tasting locally-grown Siegerrebe and Madeleine Angevine varietals, among others, before finally getting in line for the return ferry with enough time to explore Friday Harbor (and perhaps sampling some delicious local fish and chips or – even better – ice cream!) on your own.

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Private Tour Pricing: San Juan Island Day Tour

1 traveler


$1321.20 total after tax.

2 travelers


$1431.30 total after tax.

3 travelers


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4 travelers


$1651.50 total after tax.

5 travelers


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$2532.30 total after tax.