Sound Tracking the Quietest Square Inch – Hoh Rainforest

Sound Tracking the Quietest Square Inch – Hoh Rainforest

Hoh Rainforest - Olympic National Park

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Hoh Rainforest - Olympic National ParkJourney deep into Olympic National Park’s Hoh Rainforest to discover the One Square Inch of Silence. Called the “quietest square inch in the U.S.”, this tiny ode to silence is the work of Gordon Hempton, who has spent decades researching places free of human noise. His One Square Inch of Silence is one of only three remaining undisturbed spots he has found in Washington, and is the only one he has shared with the public.

Join Gordon on a sound tracking experience to immerse yourself in the sonic landscapes of this pristine forest. You’ll learn to reconnect with your sense of hearing, understand how sound interacts with its environments, and appreciate the peace of a place still largely free from human intrusion.

This experience departs from the Hoh River/Hall of Mosses trailhead in Olympic National Park. Please contact us to book or to add this day trip to a longer private Olympic National Park tour.


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Image of Gordon Hempton leading a sound tracking excursion through the Hoh RainforestThe Hoh Rainforest forms a natural amphitheater, where the deep bugles of elk and the soft whispers of wind pass through pristine natural silence. If you listen carefully, you may even hear a single drop of rainfall slowly cascading, salal leaf to salal leaf, to the forest floor without the intrusion of man-made noise. Here at the One Square Inch of Silence, it’s still possible to absorb the sounds of Earth with the ears of our ancestors.

Join Emmy award-winning acoustic ecologist, Gordon Hempton, on a sound tracking and deep listening experience through this cathedral-like setting of Douglas fir and Sitka spruce trees. You’ll reconnect with your sense of hearing, study how sound interacts with its environments, and hike through one of the last remaining quiet places in the continental U.S. Gordon likens the rich natural symphony of the Hoh Rainforest to an endangered species and has championed its preservation as a blessed quiet sanctuary.

Sound Tracking at the One Square Inch of SilenceSound is Information

First, you’ll discover how sound is critical to survival in the wild. As you learn how predators and prey use sound as information, we’ll discuss how hearing has also played an important role in human existence. We’ll also examine how even in our modern, urban lives, noise still impacts us in an innate way.

Next, you’ll learn how sound can tell you about your surroundings. Discover how the babble of a brook can reveal its age, and how the human ear is attuned to bird song, helping our nomadic ancestors find food and water. As you focus your intention on your sense of hearing, you’ll uncover new insights about the world around you!

One Square Inch of Silence

One Square Inch of Silence, the Quietest Square InchFinally, we’ll appreciate silence for silence’s sake. This meditative listening culminates at the One Square Inch of Silence, where you’ll immerse yourself in the notes of the forest. You’ll have the chance to amplify the smallest of sounds with Gordon’s sound recording equipment and to simply reflect in the quiet calm.

Please note that it is a moderate, 6.5-mile round trip hike to reach and return from the One Square Inch of Silence.

Please contact us to book your sound tracking adventure!

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Sound Tracking the Quietest Square Inch

  • Activities | Hiking, nature walks, sound tracking, marine & wildlife spotting, birding, ecological & geological sightseeing with naturalist interpretation
  • Interests | Forest ecology, geology, glaciology, audiology, silence, sustainability, botany, natural & local history
  • Inclusions
    • Guided sound tracking experience with renowned acoustic ecologist, Gordon Hempton
  • Exclusions
    • This day tour does not include transportation, entry fees, or food and refreshments.
  • Difficulty | Moderate
  • All-Inclusive Rate | $1,200 for up to five guests

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