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4 Best Tours in Portland

or tourists, newcomers, or even longtime locals, the best way to explore Portland and its surrounding areas is through a guided tour. 

Volcanoes as Symbols of Hope

by Guide Nate Summers I think I’ve shared with many of you my enjoyment, wonder, and awe of spending time near the volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest this summer. These massive snow-clad peaks dominate the summer skyline, and ironically while they …

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Trail Etiquette

Here at Evergreen Escapes, we care deeply about the natural wonders of our world and love sharing them with others. However, as made famous by Marvel’s Spiderman, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” Our responsibility comes in the form of …

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Portland Tours: On Hiatus

Our Portland Tours will remain on hiatus for the 2021 season, returning in 2022, but we may have another adventure for you!  Set on Portland?  Day Tours  Our sister company, Cycle Portland offers a 7-8 mile Essential Portland Tour, 7-8 mile Foodie Tour and a 6-8 mile Brews Cruise by bike.  Multi-day Tours  …

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