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Full Day Tour from Seattle, Washington:

Mount Rainier National Park & Yakima Valley Wine Tasting Tour

  • Pricing:

    $275 per person before WA tax

  • Timing:

    7:30a to 7:30p

  • Seasonality:

    July 1 to October 31: Wednesdays & Saturdays

  • Group Size:

    Ten or fewer. Private tours are available (including tours for larger groups).

  • Hotel Pickups:

    We offer tour pickup at any downtown Seattle hotel or Airbnb.

  • Ages:

    All tour participants must be 21 years and up.

  • Weather Info:

    Mount Rainier weather
    Mount Rainier webcam

Pair hiking Mt. Rainier’s remarkable wild side with wine tasting in the Yakima Valley‘s famed wineries in one unforgettable day!

Mt. Rainier looms large in the hearts of Northwestern residents. On a clear day, the beautiful, hulking monolith can be seen from just about anywhere. At the height of summer, lucky travelers and locals alike make a pilgrimage to her flower-flanked trails for the kind of relaxation, fresh air, and peace that only comes with a walk in a quiet, magnificently wild place. We’ll set out on foot for an meandering 3.5-mile loop to experience some of Mt. Rainier National Park’s magic. 

There’s only one way to follow up that type of transcendental human experience – wine tasting. There’s no better place than Washington State’s steadily ascending wine region, the Yakima Valley. Today, a new winery opens every 15 days! We partner with wineries that paint a beautiful picture of this rich heritage; we’ll visit two excellent winemakers east of the tallest mountain in Washington!

Join a few other travelers (each trip is ten people or fewer) and an award-winning guide on a real exploration of our wild home. Don’t worry – we’ll take care of absolutely everything. If you’re staying downtown (hotel, Airbnb, etc) we’ll pick you up! We’ll text/call the day prior to your trip to confirm exact timing. We’re bringing breakfast pastries, local coffee, and tea. We’ll also bring a fresh, local, family-style lunch and snacks, sparkling water and water to enjoy throughout the day.

“This tour is not to be missed!”

“We covered a large swath of Rainier National Park and Yakima Valley in just a day and between the hike in Rainier National Park, the delicious picnic, the thoughtful selection of wineries we visited, or the history/geography lessons that came along with the experience, there was not a moment—or a view—that failed to delight. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an experience not to be forgotten!”

– Elizabeth Walsh on AirBnB


7:00-7:30a: Downtown Pickups

Generally, our last pickup for each tour occurs at the Hotel Monaco in Seattle. This isn’t always the case – so check with us – but we consider it a default location for anyone staying outside of downtown. Let our team know where you’re staying and we’ll do everything we can to make your pickup as easy as possible.

9:00a: Pit Stop

We’ll likely stop to stretch the legs, press coffee, make tea, and have a light breakfast outdoors with a view.

10:00a: Arrive at Mt. Rainier National Park

Enter Mt. Rainier National Park for a hike. Head to Ohanepecosh and walk along the river or to Naches Peak for a rewarding 3.5 mile loop.

1:00p: Head to Yakima Valley

Set off through the Chinook Pass for Yakima Valley and its wineries.

2:00p: Wine Tasting

Tasting experience at first Yakima winery.

3:30p: More Wine Tasting

Tasting experience at second Yakima winery.

5:00p: Start to Head Back to Seattle

Around 5:00 we’ll start to head for Seattle – we’ll likely take a break along the way home.

7:30p: Begin Drop-Offs

We’ll drop travelers off where we found them (or another preferred spot nearby).

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