‘Best of Portland’ Morning City Tour

Half-Day Tour from Portland, Oregon:

‘Best of Portland’ City Tour

In town for a quick visit? Looking for the best possible introductory tour to Portland before you explore on your own? Join a few other travelers (each tour is ten people or fewer) as we seek out the best of Portland. Don’t worry about a thing – we’ll take care of everything. We’re bringing coffee, tea, water, and sparkling water; we’ll even track down local gourmet doughnuts during our tour!

Our TripAdvisor ‘Hall of Fame’ educators aim to help you efficiently come to understand Portland through visiting her classic highlights and our off-the-beaten-path favorites. Some of our guides have written the actual guidebooks for the area! You’ll ride in style in a luxe high-roofed van or spacious SUV, hopping out to stroll through parks and neighborhoods. You won’t find a better overview of Portland…

If you’re staying downtown, we’ll pick you up! We’ll text/call the day prior to your trip to confirm exact timing.

Looking for a full day of exploring? This trip pairs perfectly with our Columbia Gorge ‘Waterfalls & Wine’ Tour!

Tour Schedule

8:00a to 12:00p.
Thursday through Monday

Tour Price

$79 per person. All-inclusive.
Must be 10 years & up.

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In addition to our small-group tours – we do offer beautiful private tours. Looking to make your tour a private experience? See details and pricing below in the “Additional Details” section, send our team a note to arrange a date with the “Ask A Question” button, above or give us a call.

Tour Overview: Portland City Tour

First, you’ll head up high for a big view of the city. The grounds of the historic Pittock Mansion offer unparalleled views of the city and Mt. Hood. We’ll press coffee and share local donuts as we discuss Portland’s history, the city’s layout, and contemplate more-recent developments.

Next, explore some of the city’s 8,100 acres of protected natural areas in Portland’s famous parks. Take in the fragrant bouquet of roses or cherry blossoms, see the carefully planned landscape designs of John Charles Olmsted, witness sustainability integrated into the urban environment, and learn about the cinder-cone volcanoes that once dotted the area.

After experiencing the city’s natural side, dive into its artsy and independent spirit! Walk neighborhoods like the Pearl District, Hawthorne, Nob Hill, Alberta Arts District, and North Mississippi for a slice of Portlandia, embodied in food truck pods, hip specialty boutiques, and craft breweries.

Key Details: Half-Day Tour from Portland

Duration of Tour: 4 hours

Approximate Tour Timing: 8:00a to 12:00p

Tour Group Size: Ten or fewer. Private trips available (including trips for larger groups).

Hotel Pickups: Yes. We offer tour pickup at any downtown Portland location. We’ll text/call you the day before your trip to schedule your pickup! See more about pick-up & drop-off below.

Tour Meals: Gourmet doughnuts, local coffee & tea, snacks, water, sparkling water, etc. readily available all day.

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‘Best of Portland’ City Tour – Additional Details

Immerse yourself in the city’s eccentric culture in quirky corridors like Alberta or Mississippi Streets. Walk the grounds of the Pittock Mansion for a bird’s-eye view of the city.

Get a taste of Portland’s greenery and sustainability as you visit at least two of the following parks: Washington Park, Mt Tabor Park, and McCall Waterfront Park.

Enjoy French press coffee brewed with beans from one of Portland’s local roasters and stop at one of the city’s new wave of gourmet doughnut shops.

Stop to smell the roses at the International Rose Test Garden (summer and fall).

Cross Portland’s famous bridges to visit neighborhoods in each of the four distinct city quadrants.

Learn about the city’s history, urban development, restaurant/beer/coffee scene, and more.


From here, the course of your day can go so many ways. Your guide will combine group preferences, weather considerations, mixed access & highlights, crowd avoidance, and more to create a lovely day. No two trips are the same! We're extremely likely to change wineries from day to day to give you the best possible experience.

Complimentary pick-up and drop-off at your downtown accommodations (hotel, AirBNB, rental, etc.).

A local, TripAdvisor 'Hall of Fame' naturalist guide. We guarantee you'll love your trip leader!

No additional charges during your day. We cover everything you'll need during our tours (drinks, entrance fees, permits, wine tasting fees, fuel, etc.).

Morning coffee & tea.

Local donuts! Later in our tour, we’ll drop into local favorite Blue Star Donuts to sample these famous treats!

Plenty of readily-available snacks, water, sparkling water, and more throughout the afternoon.

Comfortable transportation in brand new Ford Transit vans or Mercedes Sprinter vans. Most of our vehicles are built for 15 people - we only open ten seats per trip to leave plenty of space.

Downtown Portland Pick-ups:

Approximate Pick-up Start time: 7:30a

Downtown Pick-up End time: 8:00a

When booking, be sure to provide the phone number where we can reach you during your travels. Let our team know where you're staying and we'll do everything we can to make your pick-up as easy as possible. We’ll connect the day prior to your tour to confirm details. If you’re staying outside of downtown, our default downtown pick-up location is at the Hotel Monaco (506 SW Washington St.).

Are you looking to make your Portland urban adventure even more intimate and comfortable? We offer beautiful private tours led by the Northwest's best field educators.

To inquire about private trip dates, give us a call!

1 person: $450/person

2 people: $250/person

3 people: $183/person

4 people: $150/person

5 people: $130/person

6 people: $117/person

7 people: $104/person

8 people: $94/person

9 people: $86/person

10 people: $80/person

11 people: $75/person

12 people: $71/person

Please contact us for groups larger than 12 travelers for a custom quote. Groups larger than 12 generally require a second van, second guide, etc.

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Additonal Information: Portland City Tour

Portland, also known as The City of Roses, Stumptown, Bridgetown, Rip City, Little Beirut, Beervana or Beertown, is Oregon’s most-visited city!

Regardless of whether you’re downtown on the waterfront or in a transfigured warehouse in the trendy Pearl District, it is easy to see why Lonely Planet named Portland one of the best cities to travel to in 2017. Portland is known for its large number of microbreweries, enthusiasm for coffee, strong land-use planning, excellent public transportation, and progressive regional government.

We will start our Portland tour by enjoying coffee and other refreshments while taking in iconic views of the city and its surrounding volcanic peaks at the historic Pittock Mansion. The Pittock Mansion was home to two influential Portland pioneers Henry and Georgiana Pittock from 1914 to 1919 and is now a city park and treasured landmark.

Next we’ll experience the neighborhoods! Portland is divided into four main quadrants: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Explore the distinct feel and unique attractions of each quadrant, including art galleries, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and performance spaces. Your guide will also recount the fascinating history of a few of the ten famous bridges that connect the quadrants. Some of the other neighborhoods we will visit include the Pearl District, Nob Hill, and Hawthorne.

In addition to its urban edge, Portland is proud of its parks and legacy of preserving open spaces. Green urban planning in the city dates back to John Charles Olmsted, and more than 8,100 acres of ecologically valuable natural areas have been purchased and permanently protected from development.

Our Portland tour ends at one of Portland’s greatest treasures: Powell’s Books – the largest independent, new and used bookstore in the world! If you’d like, we’ll drop you off here to browse the brimming shelves (or we can take you right back to your accommodations)!

Keen to continue exploring and learning?  Our morning city tour pairs nicely with our afternoon Columbia Gorge Waterfalls & Wine tasting trip!

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“We booked the Portland City Tour and were lucky to get Paul as our guide. Even though we were the only people to book the tour on this particular day – they did not cancel or try to reschedule. Instead, they gave us a full private tour. The tour was very informative and you get to see the entire city. I would absolutely recommend this to start your trip to Portland. Paul gave us an overview of the entire city, while making the main stops (Rose Garden, etc.), that would otherwise be harder to get to. Paul was very friendly and knowledgeable and quite an accomplished author. He even helped rearrange the plans for the rest of the trip to make more sense logistically. He was a pleasure to be around. This is a great tour and a must for any Portland visit!” – TripAdvisor Review, 2018

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