Mt. St. Helens National Monument Tour from Seattle

Full Day Tour: Mt. St. Helens National Monument

One of the most astonishing landscapes on the planet—Mt. St. Helens is like nowhere you’ve been before.

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Okay, so you’ve seen some amazing things in your time? We’re guessing you haven’t seen anything like this before. This beautiful journey takes you into the ravaged heart of Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. View the steaming volcano just miles from the crater, experience ecosystems recovering from the devastation of the 1980 eruption and walk through the park with your naturalist guide to gain hands-on understanding of local flora.

This isn’t just another driving tour of a beautiful landscape—we prefer to keep travelers outside the vehicle for walks and exploration. You may stop at Lewis & Clark State Park to bask in the shadow of the old-growth forests that once covered the blast zone or at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge to explore estuary wetlands among a symphony of birdsong.

Once in the Volcanic Monument, you’ll traverse the barren landscapes, stopping for a peaceful hike along the Hummocks Trail or to take in the still blue waters of Coldwater Lake. At Johnston Ridge Observatory you’ll embark on an interpretive walk along the famous Eruption Trail. The trail offers sweeping views of the blast zone and crater and teems with stunning purple lupine and other flowers in the mid-to-late summer.

We’ll bring a local lunch, lots of snacks, coffee, tea and local wine!

Our small group Mt. St. Helens Day Tour is $239 per person before WA State Tax.  We’ll pick you up from your downtown hotel, AirBNB or rental!

We also offer beautiful private trips–give us a call or send us a note to find out more.

Mt. St. Helens Tour

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7:30 am to 7:30 pm
We visit Mt. St. Helens May 15
to October 31.
We’ll call you the day before your trip to schedule a pickup!


Our small group tours accommodate a maximum of ten travelers.
We’ll use a Mercedes Sprinter van or new Ford Transit to get around!


$239 per person before WA State tax.

Private trips are available–give us a call or send us a note to find out more.


We have the best guides in the Pacific Northwest.  They’ll bring plenty of food and drink, pay all entrance fees, and bring any gear you might need.

Journey to Johnston Ridge to take in views of the mountain, wildflowers, and a world-class visitor center. Time permitting, the visitor center is home to two amazing movies about the blast.

Take refuge from the barren blast zone by kicking your feet up in the shade near Coldwater Lake!

Learn about the geology of Mt. St. Helens and the other volcanoes of the Cascades.

Watch for Black-tail deer, Roosevelt elk, muskrats, mountain goats, salamanders, and more.

Explore diverse & stunning environments on foot: recovering ecosystems, barren high desert,  rivers, valleys, blasted landscapes, and (in the summer) flower-strewn mountain meadows. Don’t forget your sturdy shoes!

Savor a fresh, local, family-style lunch with local wines (included with tour price). We’ll also bring local coffee to press, tea, a light breakfast, and plenty of water and sparkling water for the day! Don’t worry about a thing…

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$1321.20 total after tax.

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$1431.30 total after tax.

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$1641.40 total after tax.

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$1651.50 total after tax.

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$1761.60 total after tax.

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$1871.70 total after tax.

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$1981.80 total after tax.

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$2091.90 total after tax.

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$2202.00 total after tax.

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$2312.10 total after tax.

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$2422.20 total after tax.

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$2532.30 total after tax.

Traveler Testimonials

Here is what travelers are saying about our Mt. St. Helens trip right now:

We highly recommend this 12 hour tour! Pleasant ride, plenty of beverages and snacks, and a series of stops to make the trek from Seattle more comfortable. One stop at a wildlife refuge and another at an old growth forest added more interest to the tour. We pulled over at a few places to take in the view and snap photos. In the National Monument, our guide Marissa laid out a wonderful lunch consisting of wine, soft drinks, grilled chicken breasts and several salads (kale, chick pea, and some sort of grain). The Johnston Visitor Center was certainly a highlight of the tour supplying us with a great video, a hike, and clear views of Mount St. Helens. On the way back we saw Mount Rainier and stopped for a brief walk across the Skyway in Tacoma. A GREAT tour!

John H.

Viator Reviews

Day tour to Mt. St Helens was a great experience. Everything was well planned and prepared for. The tour van was a large Mercedes sprinter van that was very comfortable. Lunch was solid. The tour itself was very well planned with nice stops along the way to the volcano. The tour guide did a great job keeping everyone engaged by providing good information and fun facts…stuff that you don’t get if you go solo without a guide.
This tour was unique in the sense that there is more to the visit than just a visit to a national park/ monument. In this case there was a major event in the not-too-distant past that drastically altered the entire community and landscape. Was very cool to see the contrast between the immediate area around St Helens and the unaffected area leading up to it. Such a unique experience all the way around. I highly recommend it.

Brijesh P.


Great experience for the money. They may be on the higher end of pricing for tour companies but they offer a high-touch and all-inclusive product along with some of the best guides in the business. Definitely a 5-star business!

Kieron W.

Google Reviews

Mt St. Helen’s day tour was awesome. I went in not knowing what to expect and not knowing much of anything about Mt. St. Helen’s…booked the trip as I had a day to kill. This tour was fantastic. Comfy bus, awesome tour guide, good lunch and great scenery, nice group. Got a good workout too!!

Billie Joe M.